Home Bound.

Dear Mum and Dad…
(or should i say Mom :] )

SO i am home bound in like 17 days, super crazy. It has gone soo fast! It is so funny how that happens, so i thought i would do another blog basically so you can see what i have been up to!

I am excited to come home, mixed feelings really. I want to come home and see you all but i want to bring my friends with me! i have a few i guess 😛 i need to take pictures with all of them before i leave so you can see them all and who i am talking about! anyway here are a couple of pictures of meeee getting ready to come home…or not 🙂

Alex and I dancing

My lovely british pride purse...all blinged out with sequins

Out dancing again with our british friend garry and his girlfriend Natalie

The boy on the right is Zac in my math class...the other boy, well he just ruined our picture.

me and topher a little bit over excited.

...guess what mum i have long hair!!

all partied out

My friend Tash and I in our Makeup for Stage and Theater class

OH and i grew a beard! SURPISE


Tash and I in makeup class again


We just found out that to get extra credit we had to walk around school like this!


anyway i will take more pictures to keep you updated, i promise love ya!


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