Temple Square && Snow

Dear Mum and Dad;

So this week, since Sunday is has been SNOWING! It is really exciting. I woke up on Sunday and I looked out the window and it was covered in snow! IT is so exciting. It is so pretty and movie like. It hasn’t really stopped. Then tonight we went to temple square to see the temple lights with our friends Meow Boy(Alex) and Sick Boy/Son (Jake) Meow boy is called Meow Boy because he meowed once and we were like OH WOW.  And Jake is known as Sick Boy because the first time we met him, he was sick. And he is the youngest one in our group and so Tori and I mother him, but he is actually more responsible than we are 🙂

SO, as you know we went to Temple Sqaure. The Lights there are amazing! Like honestly, some people were like ‘Oh they aren’t as good as they usually are, but I loved them. You would really like them mum, they have like the scenes of the navitity all set out on the temple square and because it had snow it looked amazing. Its good because there wasn’t that many people there either, so we could get photos and look around more. I took a whole lot of pictures, I apologise if they aren’t as exciting as you would have hoped them to be, but oh well.
Wish you guys were here

xoxo abby

Temple Lights


I am not too sure what this was, but it looked cool


Snow & Lights 🙂





Who Would Have thought?

Pretty Funky

Me, SickBoy/Son, Tori

Red Tree

Tori And Myself


The Shepherd


You would like this mum

Right Infront of the temple

They are candles floating on the water

More Trees

random shot, in case the trees were boring you

Family Picture!

I dont know why everyone was hovering over here, but the lights were cool


A Cool christmas tree inside


Cool Tree

It always looks pretty

Look at the snow built up, its not really that big, its just been shovelled off the sidewalk




Three Wisemens

Heaps of Snow


Snowed in



We were lucky enough to catch the lastfew minutes of the choir practise!

The were playing in the snow. it was so cute


So Pretty




The Old Conference Centre

Its Really Pretty


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