Winter Wonderland.

(I wrote this last weekend)

Dear Mum and Dad;


Well it was.

It was truely amazing. But from my few days experience of snow…I like it from the warmth of the house or car. It too cold. It was -1 Celcius this evening….ITS HORRIBLE outside. It just too cold and even though it is sunny, its not the same.

Anyway on the positive side-SNOW is truely amazing. You wake up cold and look outside and its snowing, and then you run outside and you can open you mouth and look up to the sky and eat it!! Wearing ugg boots is acceptable and fun when you step in the snow and your foot sinks a little.

It didn’t snow alot in Provo, but we went to Annies on the weekend they live on the top of a mountain and so it was snowing really bad up there. It is so cool, everything looks so pretty and amazing. It looks so calm. And its not werid to pass a big snow truck on the highway, and everyone talks about going snowboarding and skiing like there is only one more day left in the world. It so fun to run outside and then jump in the car and turn the heat seater on to keep your bum warm in the car!! And to leave footprints in the settled snow.

Well here are some pictures to keep you all entertained!

Love you lots xoxoxoxo





the grounds covered in snow

A Chapel covered in snow

Annie's Street covered in snow

Outside Annie's house

This is one of our friends jake aka sick boy

Us at some place where they sold international stuff

at park city! it was FREEZING

party at the bistro!

note the license plate border. 🙂

about to have a bonfire

Our friend Andrew and us

Anderew, Justin and Me

note that thats snow on the ground.


Not as good as dad's fire, but we got it started

Me not so much enjoying this PDA


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One response to “Winter Wonderland.

  1. Manwah

    Hey Abby,

    good photos – questions what is the red and white can jake is holding and who is tom on your hand ha….

    It gets cold hey but it is pretty. Are you keeping warm. Do you have enough clothes?

    What do you want us to send for Christmas?

    Let me know when you leave for Seattle and give me updates – you know I will worry..

    Glad you are having fun and have some friends ha…

    Love Manwah

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