31st of July 2009

Dear Mum and Dad,
Hello, how are things going? I am rather jetlagged haha but it is my own fault, it is rather early in the morning here and it is night time in sydney! Either way i just wanted to let you know I am doing fine.
Thanks for the phone chat today, I definatly needed that. Then after you got off the phone Emily.P was online and so we chatted, she is such a cool banana. I love that kid. I really miss her too, I just have to figure out what to get her for her birthday. But yeah so we chatted about a few of the things I spoke to you guys about and so she agreees and she helped me out too. Then Brook had to send me this cute picture of Tokio and I lost it. Cry Baby Cry!!!
I just want to be there hanging out with Tok’s, I miss her. I dont feel safe anymore. I want her to be here sitting next to me as I type. I want her to snuggle next to me and I miss her following me around. I miss her sitting on the four wheeler with me. I miss Tokio.

Well you know how things went down today so here are some pictures of driving around

On the way to University Mall I think it was

On the way to University Mall I think it was

Bless Auto...only in Utah

Bless Auto...only in Utah

University Mall

University Mall



Chilling out

Chilling out

From here on, I’ll just post some pictures from the view on the trips we have taken.
31st of July 2009 195-1

31st of July 2009 197-1

Dedicated to Erin and her cherries for the car

Dedicated to Erin and her cherries for the car

Ute or part mini truck??

Ute or part mini truck??

31st of July 2009 207-1



31st of July 2009 210-1 

31st of July 2009 212-1

31st of July 2009 220-2

31st of July 2009 221-1







 31st of July 2009 256-1



31st of July 2009 265-131st of July 2009 263-131st of July 2009 257-1

31st of July 2009 231-131st of July 2009 232-131st of July 2009 237-1

31st of July 2009 226-2



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5 responses to “31st of July 2009

  1. abbypauna

    Hey Girl,

    We love your photos… Don’t worry it will be ok..Just remember what we spoke about. Heavenly Father will bless you. You are a good girl and we love you heaps. Just got back from the Byrnes. We had a good time. Will email you soon.

    You are there for a reason Abba dabba do!!!c

    Love ya

  2. abbypauna

    Thanks manny, but can you please sign off from being on my account, it is rather annyoying when i keep thinking i left myself a comment hahaha! i you cant dont worry. speak to you soon

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