28 July 2009

Well Mum and Dad,
I can’t believe it is ONE DAY untill I leave!! I really can’t!

So much has happened in the 18 years, that I have lived with you guys, and finally I am moving away…out to another country!! 14 hours away.
We have had some good times and some pretty crappy times, but through it all I love you guys!!

This blog is to let you follow and keep a close eye on me when I’m gone, I’ll write as much as I can (with pictures ofcourse)

Enjoy my first blog (letter)

Erin and I in the cityy

Good times at the footy!

Good times in the Ute

Papa and I

Manwah and I

Erin and I

Storms at the House

Storms at the HouseSummer Sunsets

The Fambam at Chrissie!

The Fambam at Chrissie!

Tokio my puppy!!!

Tokio my puppy!!!

A normal day in the Pauna household

A normal day in the Pauna household

Love you all Loads,
Hope to hear from you soon,
xoxo abby


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